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Zoot Suit Photo

Men's Vintage Fashions by
Carol Nolan

Looking for a Vintage ZOOT SUIT in your
local thrift store?
Contact Carol Nolan for her great reproductions
of the fashions of the 20's, 30's and 40's.
E-Mail carolnolan@aol.com
In the 20's the Jazz Musicians of Harlem pushed the boundaries of fashion with their big, bold and baggy ZOOT SUITS. Their high waisted baggy pants, cinched in at the ankle, and their fully cut coats created a fashion statement that continues on in dance clubs around the world.

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  • FABRIC is chosen on a per garment basis. Notify me of your color preferences and I'll provide a selection of fabric swatches to choose from. Or you can supply the fabric.
  • All garments are CUSTOM TAILORED to your individual measurements.

  • Zoot Pants Photo ZOOT PANTS

  • 3 inch High Waistband
    (2 inch shown at left, 3 inch shown above)
  • Full Cut at the Knees
  • Tapering to the Ankle
  • Suspender Buttons
  • Custom Tailored
  • Authentic Reproduction
  • Style Information

  • Looks great on the dance floor!

    $85 + fabric + shipping
    TUX Style - $100 + fabric + shipping

    Zoot Suit Photo ZOOT SUITS

  • Coat & Pants
    (also shown at top of page)
  • Full, Exaggerated Shoulders
  • Wide Lapels
  • Long Cut Coat
  • Your Choice Contrasting Lining
  • Custom Tailored
  • Authentic Reproduction
  • Style Information
  • The Girls will love it!

    $425 + fabric + shipping
    TUX Style - $500 + fabric + shipping

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    Zoot Pants & Vest Also Available

  • Men's Fancy Brocade Vests
  • Men's Novelty Vests - Holidays, Wild Colors, etc.
  • Vests available with matching Ties
  • Neck Ties
  • Bow Ties

  • Oxford Baggies originated on the campus of Oxford University, England, during the summer of 1925. The full cut of these pants and cuff with a circumference of 22 inches allowed students to easily slip them on over their beloved knickers, which had been banned by the University. Unlike the ZOOT SUITS above Oxford Baggies were more socially accepted and worn by the masses.
    Oxford Baggies Oxford Suit / Pants

  • Full Cut Pleated Pants
  • Pants have 2 or 3 inch Waistband
  • Wide Lapels
  • High Neckline
  • Back Belt with Pleats
  • Traditionally Styled
  • Style Information

  • The belted back is unique!

    suit $500 / pants only $100
    + fabric + shipping

    Jazz clothing surfaced in 1919 as a new music called Jazz was first being performed. This JAZZ SUIT, identified by it's extremely trim, tight/pinched look, was worn by those in the theatrical profession. As seen in World War One uniforms the jacket has a unique waist seam.

    Jazz Suit Photo Jazz Suit

  • (photo coming soon)
  • Coat Features 3 Closely Spaced Buttons
  • Tight, Closely Fitted
  • Waist Seam in Coat
  • Pants are Hemmed High at the Ankle with 2 inch Cuffs
  • Slim Cut Legs

  • Perfect for the "Thin Man"

    suit $500 + fabric + shipping

    SACQUE SUITS were worn by the common man from the 1850's - 1920's. They were appropriate for all but the dressiest occasions. Full cut coat and trousers in a basic suit style.

    Sacque Suit Photo Sacque Suit

  • (photo coming soon)
  • Coat & Pants
  • 4 Button High Neck Coat
  • Pant legs are straight and without cuffs.
  • Wear with or without a vest.
  • Traditionally Styled

  • If you're into the 20's this is for you!

    suit $500 + fabric + shipping

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    E-Mail carolnolan@aol.com